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Bapu Computers We Sale & repairs all brands Laptop and desktop computer. We also sales Laptop Battery, Charger, Keyboard,LCD, LED, ,Hinge, CPU Fan, Display Cable and all accessories of Laptop and Desktop etc. We repairs Dell Laptop, HP Laptop, Acer Laptop, Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, LG Laptop and All Laptop and Desktop Computer Motherboard.
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We Sale & repairs all brands Laptop and desktop computer. We also sales Laptop Battery, Charger, Keyboard,LCD, LED, ,Hinge, CPU Fan, Display Cable and all accessories of Laptop and Desktop etc. We repairs Dell Laptop, HP Laptop, Acer Laptop, Toshiba, Sony, Lenovo, Asus, Samsung, LG Laptop and All Laptop and Desktop Computer Motherboard.

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All Laptop Keyboard Available
DELL  KEYBOARD 9D97X For Inspiron 15 (3521) 15 (3537) 15R (5521) 15R (5537) 15R (I5535) 15V-1316 15VR-1106 M511R M531R Latitude 3540 Vostro 2521.
DELL INSPIRON 14R N4110 M4110 N4050 M4040 15 N5040 N5050 M5040 Keybord
Dell Inspiron 15 3000 5000 3541 3542 3543 5558 3551 5547 3558 Keyboard
Dell Inspiron 14V 14R N4010 N4020 N4030 series Laptop Keyboard
DELL VOSTRO 1014 1015 1088 1410 A840 A860 PP38L Laptop keyboard
DELL XPS 14 L401X XPS 15 L501X Laptop Keyboard with Backlight Backlit P/N 00KMP3
DELL LATITUDE E5420 E5430 E6320 E6420 Laptop Keyboard
HP Pavilion 15 15T 15-N 15-E Keyboard for 15-N000 15-N100 15N-E000 15G Compatible V140502AS1 V140502AS2
COMPAQ HP 2000 431 435 430 630 630s CQ43 CQ57 G4 G6 G4-1022TU LAPTOP KEYBOARD
Hp Pavilion G6-2000 2b-04801q121 36u02210 R36 697452-001 LAPTOP KEYBOARD
HP DV6000, DV6100, DV6200, DV6500, DV6700, DV6800, DV6900, dv6500z LAPTOP KEYBOARD
HP Pavilion DV2000 DV2500 Compaq Presario V3000 V3400 Series Laptop Keyboard
HP COMPAQ CQ40 CQ45 DV4 DV4T DV4Z SERIES Laptop Keyboard
LENOVO 3000 G560 G430A F31A F41 G455 G450 G565 25-011429 Laptop Keyboard
Lenovo Z50-70 G50-30 G50-45 G50-70 G50-80 Series Laptop Keyboard
Lenovo Ideapad G40 G40-30 G40-70 B40-30 N40-70 N40-30 Laptop Keyboard
LENOVO G470, G475, G470AH, G470GH, V470, B470 Laptop Keyboard
Lenovo Ideapad Y450 Y460 Y550 Y560 B460 V460 Laptop Keyboard
LENOVO IDEAPAD G580 G580A G585 G585A V580 V585 Z580 Z585 Z585A Laptop Keyboard
LENOVO 3000-N100 3000-N200 3000-N220 3000-N430 3000-N440 Laptop Keyboard
ACER ASPIRE 5355 5735 5735Z 5737 5737Z 5737G 5737ZG SERIES Laptop Keyboard
ACER ASPIRE E1-521, E1-531, E1-531G, E1-571, E1-571G S Laptop Keyboard
ACER ASPIRE 5810T KEYBOARD 5738PZG 5738Z 5738ZG 5739 5740 5740DG 5740G 5741 5741 Laptop Keyboard
ASPIRE 5755 5755G 5830 5830G 5830T 5830TG Ethos 5951G 8951G 5755z Laptop Keyboard
TOSHIBA SATELLITE C845 C850 C850D C855 C870 C870D C875 L850 Laptop Keyboard
TOSHIBA SATELLITE C600 C640 C645 C645D SERIES US Laptop Keyboard
Toshiba Satellite A200 A205 A210 A215 Series
Asus K52dy, K54c Laptop Keyboard Black Keypad

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Laptop Battery
Hp Compaq Presario Cq62 Cq42 Cq43 Cq56 Cq32 Dm4 Dm4t Fits Mu06 593553
Hp Nx6110 Nx6120 Nx6115 Nc6120, Nx6320 6 Cell Laptop Battery
HP Compaq Pavilion DV6-2000, DV6000, C700, V3000 6 Cell Laptop Batter
HP ProBook Hp 4430 Hp 4530s Hp 4535s Hp 4730s Hp 4540s 6 Cell Laptop
HP Presario V2000, C500 Replacement 6 Cell Laptop Battery
HP Compaq Presario CQ40-422TU CQ40 DV4 6 Cell Laptop Battery
Compaq Hp Probook 4421s 4425s 4520s 4525s 4720s 4420s 4421s 4425s 6
HP G4 Laptop Battery Number Of Cells 6 Capacity 4400 mAh Battery Type Li-ion Model Id Hp G4
HP DV2000 6 Cell Laptop Battery
LAPTOP BATTERY For HP Compaq OA04 OA03 240 G2 CQ14 CQ15 15-h000 LB5S 15-R1xx
Laptop Battery for HP VI04 V104 ProBook 440, 440 G2, 450, 450 G2 HSTNN-DB61
Laptop Battery For HP Pavilion 14 Ultrabook Pavilion 15 Ultrabook VK04 HY04 VA04
Laptop Battery For Hp PI06 ENVY Pavilion 14 15 17 HSTNN-LB40 HSTNN-LB4N
LAPTOP BATTERY for HP COMPAQ 500 550 610 6720s 6730s 6735s 6820s 6730s 6830
Dell Latitude E6120 7ff1k Rfjmw 6 Cell Laptop Battery
Dell Latitude E4300 E4310 Fm332, Xx327, Cp294, Cp289, Fm338, Hw898
Dell Latitude E6400 6 Cell Laptop Battery
DELL Inspiron 1525 /1526/ 1545 /1546/Y823G/ X284G 6 Cell Laptop Batt
Dell n5010/4010/4110/5110 Vostro 2520 6 Cell Laptop Battery
Dell Latitude E6220 6 Cell Battery Capacity 4400 mAh Battery Type Li-ion
Dell Latitude E6320 6 Cell Capacity 4400 mAh Battery Type Li-ion Model Id Dell Latitude E6120
Dell XPS 14 15 17 L401X L501X L502X L701X L702 BATTERY
Acer Extensa 4630-4791 4630s 4630z Replacement 6 Cell Laptop Battery
Acer Aspire 4730-4947 -AS07A51 4730z 4516 6 Cell Laptop Battery
Acer Aspire 5738ZG 5738 4310 4710 4920 6 Cell Laptop Battery
ACER ASPIRE 4741 4741G 5741 LAPTOP PC BATTERY 5560 AS10D31 AS10D51 AS10D41
LENOVO G430 G450 B430 Series Compatible Black 6 Cell Laptop Battery
Lenovo Ideapad Y460 / V560 / Y560 / B560 6 Cell Laptop Battery
Lenovo B450 Series 6 Cell Laptop Battery
Lenovo G460 G560 Z560 6 Cell Laptop Battery
Laptop Battery For Lenovo IDEAPAD G50-70 G50 G50-30 G50-80 Z40 Z70-70 Z70-80
HCL 9525BP 6 Cell Laptop Battery
HCL C300 6 Cell Laptop Battery
Samsung R470 NP-R468 R428 R468 6 Cell Laptop Battery

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Laptop Repair & Service-IBM
Laptop Repair & Service-HCL
Laptop Repair & Service-Acer
Laptop Repair & Service-Lenovo
Laptop Repair & Service-Asus
Laptop Repair & Service-Samsung
Laptop Repair & Service-Compaq
Laptop Repair & Service-Apple
Laptop Repair & Service-Sahara
Laptop Repair & Service-Zenith
Laptop Repair & Service-Intex
Laptop Repair & Service-Wipro
Laptop Part Dealer
Laptop Dealer-Dell
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Laptop Accessory Dealer-Dell
Laptop Accessory Dealer-HP
Laptop Accessory Dealer-Lenovo
Laptop Accessory Dealer-Acer
Laptop Accessory Dealer-Sony
Computer Repair & Service-Dell
Computer Repair & Service-HP
Computer Repair & Service-Toshiba
Computer Repair & Service-Sony Vio
Computer Repair & Service-IBM
Computer Repair & Service-HCL
Computer Repair & Service-Acer
Computer Repair & Service-Lenovo
Computer Repair & Service-Asus
Computer Repair & Service-Samsung
Computer Repair & Service-Compaq
Computer Repair & Service-Apple
Computer Repair & Service-Sahara
Computer Repair & Service-Zenith
Computer Repair & Service-Intex
Computer Repair & Service-Wipro
Computer Part Dealer
Computer Dealer-Dell
Computer Dealer-HP
Computer Dealer-Sony
Computer Dealer-Lenovo
Computer Dealer-Toshiba
Computer Dealer-Acer
Computer Dealer-Asus
Computer Dealer-Samsung
Computer Dealer-Compaq
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